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Key areas of accountability:
1. Owner / Operator Relationships
• Regular meetings with property owners are initiated to provide updates on business performance, achievements and areas of concern as per brand meeting schedules
• Accurate and timely reports are issued to owners and operators as per the brand reporting schedules
• Owners and operators are notified of any matters with a potential impacting the legal and financial status of the hotel, its reputation or the health and safety of employees and guests
• Social, ethical and environmental business practices adhere to corporate social responsibility brand standards

2.Finance and IT
• Annual budget is prepared, approved and implemented following the financial schedule
• Detailed annual business plan outlining the strategy to achieve budget is prepared, approved and updated following the annual calendar
• Year to date financial performance is analyzed monthly as stated in profit and loss statements, financial key performance indicators, ratios and operational reporting to initiate remedial action to achieve budget if necessary
• All mandatory legal and tax government reports are accurate and submitted on time
• Insurance coverage is adequate and premiums are paid on time to ensure uninterrupted coverage
• Rental, lease and service contracts for suppliers and clients are in place and in accordance with the local law
• Bank accounts are maintained and reconciled. Cash flow forecasts and reports are prepared and reviewed to ensure liquidity or additional fund requests
• Accounts payable, receivable and payroll are processed accurately and on time to build and maintain our reputation as a responsible employer and business partner
• Entertainment, complimentary and house use rooms and services are posted, monitored and reported in the correct accounts to ensure transparent use and business impact
• All IT systems are configured correctly and are up-to-date to ensure transactions are recorded and accurate reports and statistics can be generated
• IT systems and data are monitored, backed up and maintained regularly to avoid disruption of business

3.Asset Management
• A preventative maintenance program is implemented and monitored to ensure the value of assets is maintained or increased
• Refurbishment needs are analyzed, costs investigated and proposals are based on return on investment calculations are approved by operators & owners before implementation
• FF&E and replacement reserve funds are accrued, managed and usage reported monthly
• An inventory of fixed assets is carried out annually and maintained and updated accurately to record and monitor all hotel assets

4.Revenue Generation
• Internal revenue opportunities are optimized in all areas including food and beverage, laundry, transport, mini bar, activities, spa add-ons, boutique and other revenue streams
• Rates are managed based on demand and supply through an effective revenue management system
• Management of online guest review portals to ensure positioning and influence of first choice product, including TripAdvisor, hotel check, OTA review sites and TrustYou

5.Product and Service Enhancement
• Management presence is visible, creating opportunities to engage with guests
• All guest facilities and equipment are well maintained and functional
• All areas are cleaned to the standards listed according to the departmental standard operating procedure
• Ambiance is managed in line with the brand concept to enhance the guest experience. This includes décor, lighting, music, fragrance, landscaping, etc.
• Fusion Brand service and philosophy is consistently delivered through the service provided
• An empowerment framework is defined, communicated and implemented to enable stars to handle service recovery situations on the spot to avoid complaint escalation
• Guests receive personalized services based on their preferences

6.STAR Experience
• Recruitment process is based on Fusion Brand selection criteria
• All stars, including guiding stars have clear documentation of what is expected of them and how performance will be measured and rewarded
• Stars and guiding stars are working towards agreed goals and expectations and receive regular constructive feedback on their performance
• Good performance is recognized and poor performance receives coaching and/or discipline in accordance with the employee handbook
• Stars including guiding stars receive Fusion Brand induction and Fusion Brand service care training within the first working month
• Stars receive a “buddy” (big brother/sister) to guide the probation period and facilitate the Self-Leadership departmental job skills training to pass probation
• Pro-active succession planning program and talent spotting is in place to provide career growth opportunities such as promotions or transfers
• Training plans are developed based on legal requirements and needs analysis and relevant training is conducted by qualified trainers.
• Training records per employee are available for all training conducted
• Fusion brand standard training, development and star care programs are implemented within agreed time frames
• Regular hotel and departmental briefings and meetings take place to ensure effective flow of communication
• Managers are accessible and create opportunities to engage with stars
• Star facilities and equipment are well maintained and functional and cleaned to the standards listed according to the departmental standard operating procedure
• Star meal surveys are carried out to ensure high levels of satisfaction with facilities, meal quality, variety and canteen service delivery

7.Product and Service Development
• Brand initiatives are communicated, implemented and monitored
• Regular market research is budgeted, carried out and analyzed
• Product and service enhancements are proposed and initiated
• Service levels provided in each department meets agreed standards and can be communicated confidently with guests and business partners through personal experience

Yêu Cầu Công Việc:
• Minimum of two-years of experience as Hotel Manager in an internationally branded hotel.
• Proficient in English with professional Vietnamese language skills preferred.
• Strong business acumen and proven ability to develop and implement property-wide strategies in conjunction with the broader business strategies of Fusion Hotel Group.

Chế độ phúc lợi:
• Competitive salary & benefit package.
• Accommodation allowance, Food & Beverage allowance & international health coverage in accordance with Fusion Hotel Group policy.
• Competitive salary & benefit package.
Accommodation allowance, Food & Beverage allowance & international health coverage in accordance with Fusion Hotel Group policy.

Báo Cáo Công Việc: Director of Operations

Mức lương hàng tháng: VNĐ

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